More about the accident

There was one other slightly embarrassing aspect to Edward’s broken leg story. The morning before the accident, he had been invited to a fancy dress party. Being the good-natured little boy he was, he allowed his sisters to dress him up as a girl, from the skin out. He was a sturdy little fellow, and Nikki’s clothes fitted him quite well.

When the party was over, he came home and ripped the dress off in favour of trousers and a tee shirt. Off he zoomed on his bike, straight into the oncoming car.

At the hospital, his trousers had to be cut off, revealing, underneath, the poor little boy was wearing girls’ knickers.



2 thoughts on “More about the accident

  1. Boys!
    I love the story. Reminds me of one about
    At age 4, he came to me most upset as ‘his wee was red’.
    I was duly taken to the toilet to observe.
    … and yes it was!
    So off to the doctor. ASAP. He checked Matthew out and he seemed perfectly fine. The doctor then asked some probing questions directed at Matthew, one being, ‘Have you changed anything you eat in the last couple of days?’ Matthew blithely said he had had a WHOLE tin of beetroot (unbeknown to me) as he loved it so much.
    The mystery was solved, I was rather embarrassed, but Matthew was delighted. Thought it very funny he had made his wee red! I had stern words with my son on the way home, needless to say!


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